Dust is an all-too-common feature of modern life across the Front Range. Your house, apartment, and office will inevitably have a dust issue. Since most buildings have a continuous airflow system in place, the walls of the air duct will slowly become coated in microscopic debris just through normal daily life.

At Lumberjack HVAC, our experience has shown us what can happen when a ventilation system isn’t regularly cleaned and properly maintained. Since air ducts are in near-constant use, dust can recirculate and build up over time. The average American home produces approximately 40 pounds of dust annually! When you schedule an air duct service with us, we’ll thoroughly clean out the connected ductwork, filters, vents, and HVAC components.

By scheduling regular cleaning and maintenance for your ventilation system, we’ll be able to help keep your air quality cleaner, your electrical bills lower, and ensure that your system runs strong for years to come. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.