Kingdom Realty

With more than 20 years of experience, my parents Bob and Pam Neidig, are the best choice for helping you find your dream home and selling the old one. Pam has a gift for locating the hidden-treasure houses that you are sure to fall in love with. Bob has experience and insight into the details involved with construction, which means that you can get honest feedback about the quality of the house you’re choosing.

It’s not just about buying and selling, it’s about positively impacting people’s lives.

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Trinity Taekwondo

My parents have a deep love for martial arts, which is why they opened Trinity Taekwondo. Trinity Taekwondo is unlike other martial arts schools. Youth classes focus on helping kids grow physically, emotionally, and mentally through martial arts training in a family-oriented environment. Kids learn that no task is too difficult and are encouraged in both their successes and challenges. Adult classes develop and harness their inner strength through rigorous, disciplined and fast-paced classes, which focus on stretching, physical conditioning, and technique. Certified instructors teach every aspect of Taekwondo for all levels.

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Izzy Home Design

Elisabeth Maloney, my mother-in-law and creator of Izzy Home, has the most unique home store in the Denver area. Located in Brighton, Izzy Home strives to serve every need your home has. From kitchen cabinets and tables to couches and more, you are sure to find just what you need. Elisabeth’s eye for design will transform your space to be all that you’ve dreamed of.
Call to set up your free consultation and stop by to see the possibilities for yourself.

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Cinepro Studios

Cinepro Studios wants to help you get your passions and stories in front of others. From award-winning video production and website development to cinematic weddings and online marketing, Cinepro Studios has a team of professionals you can trust to bring your vision to life.

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